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Love Magazines? Did You Know There is a “Netflix of Magazines” …?

By Nicole Buckler

Love magazines and refuse to believe they are over? Well here is a compromise. There is now a library full of all-you-can eat electronic magazines. They give the sensation of a paper-style mag, without actually having to go to the newsagent to pick one up.

Readly is a digital reading service that provides customers with unlimited, “all-you-can-read” access to thousands of national and international magazines. And, you can read the magazines whether you are online or not. Readly is continually adding new titles to its portfolio of British, U.S. and international magazines. And the catalogue is fabulous. There are even back issues of your favourite magazines. Because we all have issues, most of them back-dated.

Like Netflix, the Readly platform is family-friendly, allowing up to five different profiles. Plus you can recommend stuff to others and share stuff. I mean, my friends must know about the fact that Men’s Health magazine had a Hemsworth on the cover of its April edition. It is a Hemsworth. A HEMSWORTH.  This is shareworthy stuff.

So if you are an avid magazine fan, but don’t like the way that e-magazines look on your phone, then a new feature on Readly might win you over. They recently introduced a new enhanced viewing option on smaller screens. This new feature enlarges the text size and puts all reading content in one column, making text-heavy articles a lot easier to read on small devices. It makes you feel like you are reading a paper magazine but instead you are not, saving trees in the process. Because we all like breathing, most of the time.

This feature was launched at the end of February with a select list of US and British titles, and Readly will add hundreds more in the coming months. Users simply look for the round yellow icon in the magazine menu. The icon shows that the magazine is enabled with the enhanced reading feature. Enhanced mobile reading also allows customisation of the font type, font size, line spacing and background colour to fit personal reading preferences.

“Readly’s digital reading experience is best in class with its ease of use and search functionality,” said Bob Cohn, Senior Consumer Marketing Director. “Now with the enhanced reading option, the reading experience at the article level on small devices can be customised to each reader’s personal preference, while still resembling the print experience.”

So that’s the service for readers. But what about those who produce magazines? Well, Readly offers a route to a global market for publishers. It might be worth checking out if you have plans to conquer the world with your publication.

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