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New Dating App Uses Videos For Profile Pics Rather than Static Pics

By Nicole Buckler

Here at we are all about reporting on apps that look promising or refreshing – and this is one of them.

If you are single, or a married person masquerading as single (one third of people on Tinder are actually already in a relationship) then there is a new type of dating app you can try. There seems to be a need for this if Tinder-traumatised people are anything to go by. (The thing to remember is that when Tinder goes down in a wild storm, there are a lot of people trapped indoors with the people they married.)

The new app is called Lively. Its unique selling point? Instead of having a profile pic, users upload a short video of themselves.

The live video profile might get around the problem of fake profile pics, or profile pics which have been photoshopped within an inch of their lives. We have all heard the stories of fake profile pics… where you agree to meet a hot German 24-year-old called Friedrich, only to find out that he’s actually a 100-year-old Nazi called Joseph who is still on the run.

Videos are much more complicated to mess with… and, they can give you more information about the person you have your eye on, and whether you will be attracted to them in real life. This is a better alternative than having to climb out of the bathroom window of the restaurant during the date. Some of those windows are damn small, you need to smother yourself in Vaseline to have even the slightest chance of escaping.

Lively seems to be a gentler way to date people you have never met before. And hopefully, this style of dating doesn’t come with the deluge of unsolicited d*ck pics that seem to arrive wantonly with first contact on other apps. And here’s more good news. With Lively there’s no swiping, you just make videos.

Not only can you make a normal video of you doing something like falling off a horse or whatever you do in your free time, they also have something called “quickies.” They are short videos which you can apply SnapChat-style filters to. The makers of Lively, called Zoosk, say, “With quickies, daters can say goodbye to the typical system of swiping and matching, and get to know each other through fresh, original content that helps eliminate awkward small talk and get straight to what really draws them together.”  Here’s a demo.

Okay so you will have to do your hair, and act like you love life or something similarly awkward. But it seems to be a better bet than other hard-core animalistic mating apps that can make you feel weird. All. Of. The. Time.

“At its launch, Lively’s use of video was what really made it stand out,” said Behzad Behrouzi, SVP of Product at Zoosk. “But this new version of the app is a completely different experience for a dating app. The focus is less about matching and mutual attraction and more about getting to know people, showing who you are, and having more meaningful connections.”

Instead of adding random photos or videos to your profile, you’ll get to know other daters through hashtag subject groupings such as #Humblebrag, #DonaldTrumpImpression, old #TBT photos, stories about #ThisOneTime and #IGotCaught, or a freestyle quickie of your choice.

With quickies, daters don’t have to both say yes to each other before they can start a more meaningful interaction. Instead, if you’re interested in someone you send them a quickie in response to a video on his or her profile to start a conversation. If you get a quickie from someone you’re not interested in, you simply don’t respond. Every time you create a quickie, it is added to your profile so that other people checking you out can see it.

Perhaps this is a better way to date. But for the love of Christmas, wash your face and do your hair. And borrow a puppy, so you look like you can care for something living.

(Just FYI – I hear that in Ireland, there is a Catholic Tinder being developed, where you swipe up, down, left, and right.)

Good luck singles, and marrieds pretending to be single! The dating world is your oyster. P.S. use contraception: children are dangerous beasts.

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