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Global Social Media Use Increased by 21 Percent in 2016

Ninety-one percent of social media users access social on mobile.

According to the report called Digital in 2017, 50% of the world is now connected to the internet.

The 2017 key findings include:

  • Internet penetration increased by 10% in the last 12 months to hit 3.773 billion, or 50% of the world’s population.
  • Global social media use has increased by 21% in the last 12 months, reaching 2.8 billion users globally.
  • Mobile social media use has increased by 30% year-over-year to surpass 2.5 billion users globally, with 91% of social media users accessing social from mobile.

Even in highly developed countries, there was growth. The United States alone contributed 22 million (25%) of the 88 million new social media users in the past year. Increased use of smartphones and social messaging has driven a significant shift in how people communicate. As a result, organisations should plan to transform their communications strategy to increase customer engagement and real-time interaction across the customer journey.

“One of the greatest opportunities of a digitally connected world is the ability to have immediate conversations, wherever and whenever customers want. Social media not only enables organisations to amplify its brand, but also build trust, credibility and human relationships at scale. It is now as much the responsibility of the top executive as the social media manager,” said Penny Wilson, CMO, Hootsuite.

“Half of the world’s population is now online, which is a testament to the speed with which digital connectivity is helping to improve people’s lives. The increase in internet users in developing economies is particularly encouraging,” said Simon Kemp, We Are Social. “Given this latest data, it’s probably time for us to stop referring to social as ‘new media’, and integrate it more seamlessly into our day-to-day activities.”

The report compiles data from the world’s largest studies of online behaviour, conducted by organisations including GlobalWebIndex, GSMA Intelligence, Statista, and Akamai in a comprehensive state of social media reference. The 2016 report has seen nearly 70,000 downloads and 2.5 million reads on SlideShare to date.

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