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Company Owners Can Now Add Emojis to Their Web Address

Rebrandly now gives users the ability to add emojis to custom short links.

If you have a really REALLY long web address you want your customers to click on, but it looks long and hideous, then you can shorten it.

Simply log onto and put in the long web address. Google will shorten the web address to something that you can paste and not use up too much space.

For example:

Becomes   …after it goes through the google link shortener.

But now a company allows you to put emojis in your links!

With this beta version, Rebrandly will be gathering feedback from users and testing across platforms. Developing this feature has many technical challenges and they are working hard at quickly making emoji-fied links compatible with all platforms. Currently, it is compatible with most platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype. The goal is to make it function optimally on all platforms, including Twitter. It is just a matter of time (

Using emoji-fied links is a fresh and cool way to share content. It has the ability to add emotion to links, to communicate more with less, and to stand out with more than just words. This is a huge step in the evolution of to share and interact with links.

Go ahead and try it with your company name! It’s really fun. You can watch the video here.

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