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Dating Apps are not Just About Dating Anymore

Dating apps are becoming so much more than dating. They are now about making friends, and finding places across the city where you can hang out with like-minded people.

Take for example, Hornet. It is the world’s second largest gay social network. It has now integrated its own app with another company’s app —Vespa. Vespa is the leading gay world city guide. Hornet acquired Vespa in July 2016, and this new product integration reinforces Hornet’s commitment to form more quality social interactions. The two apps melded into one will now offer more ways to meet and engage with local gay communities than any other gay app.

“Gay men use online apps differently, they use them to stay keep in touch, plan trips, as well as make new friends – far more robust than just looking for Mr. Right,” says President Sean Howell.

With over 15 million total and 3 million monthly active users, Hornet has always focused on providing fun ways to strengthen the LGBT community. And now by integrating Vespa — the dual app has the largest, most comprehensive gay city guide, featuring over 5,000 places and 300 city guides in 70 countries and up-to-the-minute event listings around the world written by Vespa users and the international journalists at Hornet’s gay magazine, Unicorn Booty. Hornet provides the only true gay social network on the market, as opposed to competitor apps that are more focused on pure hook-ups.

When users click on Hornet Discover tab, they’ll find Vespa’s deeply curated city guides uncovering each city’s hidden gems — whether it’s their hometown or an exciting holiday spot. Users can also discover who else has visited their favourite places and events. Instead of reading one-directional listings, users join an active community of gay adventurers.

Hornet users can now:

  • Search 5,000 LGBT-friendly locations, carefully hand-curated by the Vespa team and reviewed and rated by the Vespa community
  • Access foreign language phrasebooks help users flirt, communicate and get around
  • Travel easier by showing addresses in the local language to your taxi driver
  • Find the hottest underground events, concerts or pop-up parties

“Hornet Discover isn’t just entertaining, it’s smart business,” says Christof Wittig, CEO. Companies already spend an estimated $500 million chasing the Pink Dollar. Hornet connects advertisers with a demographic known for its disposable income: Gay Americans. They have $800 billion in disposable income — and they spend $60 billion on travel alone and $10 billion in gay bars. Gays are also early adopters of mobile apps, ecommerce and other new tech.

Not just that, but Hornet serves ads in a smart way; Hornet’s smart advertising program gives companies direct access to select ad placement and delivers them to a natural audience.

Perhaps it is time for the dating apps for straights to catch up?

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