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With iBeacons, You May Be Able to “Borrow” Digital Magazines in the Newsstand App at Your Next Visit to a Coffee Shop

Sourced from AppSaga.

When Apple first introduced iBeacons, one got the feeling that it was only a matter of time before we started seeing some really innovative applications centered on Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Smart).

Now, it looks like we might be seeing the first wave of iBeacon services, as Exact Editions has leveraged the small, battery-powered accessory to give publishers a unique new avenue for location-based digital marketing.

Using the iBeacon accessory (pictured above), Exact Editions has created something called ByPlace, which works like this: Say your at a professional sports event and ESPN wants you to get a taste of one of their offerings available inside Apple’s Newsstand. With ByPlace, ESPN—the publisher, in this case—can notify users near the iBeacon accessory with some giveaway content, and thus lure in possible subscribers who should already be pre-qualified (given that they’re at a sports event)… That’s a pretty straightforward, broad example for a technology that could be used in some incredibly niche ways.

Being host to an iBeacon running ByPlace could also be advantageous, as Exact Editions states that “discreet but noticeable in-app branding” may be included for the host venue.

Here’s Exact Editions Managing Director Daryl Rayner with his expectations for ByPlace:

“iBeacons have tremendous potential for publishers. They offer a discreet, low cost way for publishers to do something they’ve never before been able to, market their product digitally based on location. At Exact Editions we are delighted to once again be at the forefront of innovation with Newsstand apps.”

With this technology, it may only be a matter of time when you can “borrow” a digital magazine in a bar or coffee shop the same way you can easily borrow a paperback copy of a magazine. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to make that happen at your local bar or coffee shop.

Sourced from AppSaga

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