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15 Creative Advertising Ideas and The Concept Behind it

By Rafiq Elmansy.

The creative idea can deliver the marketing message or promote a product in the speed of light. The impact it leaves on the consumers not only can pursue them to buy the product, but also adds emotional value to the products they buy.

Many of us look to the simple, direct, creative ideas and feel amazed how this simplicity can deliver the idea quickly and directly compared with more complex advertisements.


Behind simple ideas like the ones listed below are large amounts of research and brainstorming from a large team inside the advertising agency or company. In order to create a successful advertising idea or concept for a client’s campaign, there must be stages that link the creative and marketing teams.

The stages begin with planning the advertising campaign and go through the production phase, ending with research feedback from the consumers. Since this article is more concerned with featuring a number of creative advertising ideas, I will provide a quick overview for the different stages that every advertising campaign should go through and tips that can help in building professional creative concepts:

Stage 1: Planning the Advertising Idea

In this stage, the creative team puts the plan for the advertising campaign together, including researching the target audience and suitable marketing approach, brainstorming ideas, and writing the advertisement’s content.

At this stage, one of the tips that can help in thinking of a creative idea is to avoid the old styles. No one is looking for ordinary ads anymore. Also, it is important to build the creative idea based on different persuasive techniques such as humor, repetition, and exigency.

Stage 2: Developing the Advertising Idea

In this stage, the creative team starts to implement the planned strategy and visualize it using text, photographs, illustrations, and videos. The media plays an essential role in this stage as the photographs and lements of the design should be chosen wisely in order to reach the desired impact with the consumer.

Stage 3: Testing and Feedback from the Advertising Idea

Testing the campaign on a small group and getting feedback can help build knowledge of how the advertising campaign will perform on the market. Getting the end-consumer feedback is an important part to considering further campaigns. Now, let us review a number of the creative advertising ideas from different agencies around the world and see how they have implemented the above concepts and stages in creating their advertising campaigns.

IKEA: Valentine’s Day Chairs

This poster, created by BBH Singapore, represents Ikea’s poster campaign for Valentine’s Day. The idea tries to visualize the warm relation between men and women using Ikea products such as the chairs in the poster.

Flower Council of Holland

One of the most creative advertising ideas was created by Kingsday Amsterdam for the Flower Council of Holland marketing message and refreshes the awareness of the meanings behind flowers.

Inspiration Youth Academy: Silver Lining

The Inspiration Youth Academy campaign was created by the Johnson & Sekin Agency. The poster focuses on children’s rights for education and mental health, especially those children who have faced abuse or neglect.

Crossroads Community: Street Fare

This outdoor graffiti represents Cross Roads NYC’s campaign to help ease hunger in New York City. The graffiti shows a portrait of a hungry man to draw the attention to homeless people in the city. The campaign was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness.

Topfit Fitness Club: Cable Crossover

The Topfit poster campaign, created by Martpet Communication, uses the edges of the poster as a part of the creative idea that reflects power and fitness.

Staedtler: Architecture

The creative advertising idea here reflects what pencils can do and how it can be the start of great architecture ideas. The idea visualizes a number of famous buildings sculpted from pencil tips. The creative campaign is created by Leo Burnett Hong Kong.

IOV National Day Against Tobacco: Cigarettes

Can you see that cigarettes disrupt your life? If not, this Brazilian campaign tried to emphasise the bad effects of cigarettes and smoking to the community by building large scale examples of cigarettes thrown in the street.

The Economist: Binoculars

The Economist created an outdoor ad representing the concept of viewing the world’s news and opinions through the magazine by displaying the reader’s hand holding the magazine as if it were a set of binoculars. The campaign was created by BBDO, New York.

Detroit Institute of Arts: The Samurai are Coming

The Detroit Institute of Arts promoted a Samurai event with a very unique idea. The poster and the wall behind it are cut with a samurai sword and the effect extends outside the poster borders.

UBS: Everywhere is Art

UBS’s global art initiatives poster reflects the idea of everything around us is art and that we can see art everywhere, even deep in our own eyes. The campaign is created by Publicis.

Penguin Audiobooks: Oscar Wilde

Combining the idea of books and audio might be a challenging prospect. In Penguin’s Audiobooks campaign, McCann Worldgroup visualized the idea of audiobooks by creating a pair of headphones in the shape of famous author Oscar Wilde.

Water is Life: Gun

The poster for Water is Life tried to represent the importance of water in a reversed way. The creative ad focuses on the fact that more people die from using unsafe water than die in wars each year.

Choking His Future

Are you looking for a shocking idea that reflects the negative side effects of smoking on children? This one is a really talented concept showing the cigarette smoke choking a small child and his future as well. The idea is visualized by Lee Howell.

Vaccinate Your Pet Against Rabies

This funny, creative ad promotes vaccinating your pet against rabies. The poster shows a cat angry from having been washed repeatedly.

Language School Campaign

Is a language barrier holding your tongue from expressing your ideas and feelings? This creative campaign tried to visualize the idea through the poster below. The poster is created by Kevin Necessary.

The examples above show different creative advertising ideas and campaigns that prove that eye-catching ideas can attract the viewer or the audience and cause them to want to learn more about the product or idea that you would like to deliver.

Simple ideas can easily reach the audience and be easily understood. However, it is a real challenge to create a simple idea that has a strong impact on the market. You can refer to the above advertising ideas and the creative people behind them to learn more and inspire new trends and style for your own design. If you enjoy the above examples, share your ideas with us on which of them would have the strongest impact on an audience.

This article was authored by: Rafiq Elmansy is designer, book author, Adobe expert and trainer with over 12 years experience. He is the author of many books and articles about different topics about Adobe, design and technology. Rafiq is also an Adobe community professional and manager of Adobe user group in Egypt and the founder of 3d Printing Pin Find more about him at

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