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Carlton Screen Advertising rebrands as Wide Eye Media

Wide Eye Media launches largest digital out of home network in Ireland

Digitalisation a “game-changer”

Eoin Wrixon & Dermot Hanrahan

Carlton Screen Advertising rebrands today (Thursday 6th March 2014) as Wide Eye Media. Supported by an investment of €2 million in upgrading its offer – from 35mm to digital – and across everyone of their 643 cinema screens in Ireland, this rebrand propels cinema into the forefront of innovative advertising. Cinema goers will enjoy a more interactive, entertaining and spontaneous cinema experience, while advertisers will now have the opportunity to unveil more dynamic campaigns across the entire cinema environment.

At the brand relaunch this morning in the Savoy Cinema, Dermot Hanrahan, Director and Eoin Wrixon, General Manager, Wide Eye Media revealed their strategy for 2014 which includes increasing admissions, targeting 15-24 “Adventurists” and increasing the total dwell time in cinema to include the pre-reel (the advertising shown just before the trailers).

Eoin Wrixon & Dermot Hanrahan

Eoin Wrixon says, “Cinema has always been a small player with a big punch.  Our aim is to bring something completely new and innovative to Digital advertising and cinema now has the largest digital Out-of-Home network in the country.  Digitalisation means shorter lead times, lower production costs and total flexibility for advertisers, nationally, regionally and locally. Advertisers can be on screen within hours and this gives brands and small business owners the flexibility and responsiveness they need to keep up with market demands. Digital also delivers complete transparency, deeper campaign analysis and full accountability.”

Ireland is the third European country to adopt this cutting edge technology which revolutionises digital cinema scheduling – the UK and Norway are already using it and it is being rolled out across Europe, in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Turkey.

Wrixon explains that a key part of Wide Eye Media’s strategy is to attract consumers in time for the pre-reel by grabbing their attention, entertaining them and giving them something to talk about.  15-24 year old “Adventurists” are key – the early adopters, social media, content junkies who are emotionally and physically attached to their mobile phones. Making up 13% of the Irish population, they account for 28% of all Irish cinema admissions. “We are recruiting our core audience – these Adventurists – to create and share conversations around cinema and are leveraging technology to create an entertaining experience for them every time. The technology enabled here demonstrates that cinema in Ireland is as advanced as these much bigger markets.”

Cinema is a much loved medium for advertisers offering benefits in a unique environment that other mediums can’t.  “We are aligning ourselves with how cinema goers behave, consume and communicate and offering them an immersive experience that plays with the senses,” Wrixon continued.  “This enhanced customer offering facilitates a deeper, broader level of engagement with each other, with brands and with us – and this is at the heart of every product and service we now offer.”


Dermot Hanrahan, Director, Wide Eye Media says, “The Carlton Screen Advertising brand has served us well for the last decade but times have changed, the market has moved on and we’re bringing cinema to the next level.  Our new brand – Wide Eye Media – encompasses everything good from the past but also opens doors for the future. We see this as a game changer,” Hanrahan continued, “It’s a repositioning of the category and of our business.  We are giving consumers more reasons to love cinema and advertisers a more effective, entertaining and engaging way to reach consumers.”


Wide Eye Media is promoting its rebrand in a campaign with the theme, “Wide Eye Media – Coming to your Senses. See it. Hear it. Feel it.”  With an investment of €800,000, the campaign comprises a new sting to be shown before all movies, 6 sheets, foyers, press and online advertising as well as social media, direct mail and public relations.

Irish Cinema in 2013

Ireland continues to boast a nation of avid film fans. Cinema box office in Ireland exceeded the €100million mark for the eighth consecutive year in 2013, and our cinema attendance continues to be the highest per capita in the EU.  Overall ROI box office revenue was €102million, just 5% short of 2012’s figure of €107million. This slight decline was also reflected in the ROI admissions which dropped 5% from 15.4million in 2012 to 14.6million in 2013. This has been attributed to the record-breaking success of Skyfall in 2012 (as people who don’t usually go to the cinema did for Skyfall), youth unemployment and emigration.

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