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Instagram Platform Ripe for Marketers Shows New Research

By Patricia Redsicker.

Are you wondering how the social media landscape is changing for users?
Wondering where you should focus your social media activities?

Pew Research has released a brand-new study, which shows how American users have diversified their social media use.

Here are four noteworthy ways social media use is changing for American users:

#1: Facebook—Still Popular, but not Always “Platform of Choice”

The Pew study indicates that overall, Facebook continues to be a favorite, but 42% of online adults use two or more social networks. Among those who use just one social platform, 8% use LinkedIn, 4% use Pinterest and 2% use Twitter or Instagram as their platform of choice.


Facebook still popular, but the grass is getting greener on the other side.


Sourced from Social Media Examiner

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