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For that special gadget: 15 gifts to give your iPhone 5

By Zak Islam.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is capable of plenty; however, with the correct accessories, users can enjoy a considerably enhanced smartphone.

Whether it’s the ever-existing issue of keeping your iPhone adequately charged, which can be remedied by portable power accessories to keep your iPhone 5 battery juiced up no matter where your location is, or seeking a solution to increasing your device’s sound output through docks and enhanced speakers, there are plenty of accessories that are tailored to one’s specific needs.

With the iPhone 5, there’s a healthy amount of extras that can contribute towards a more immersive experience; here, we take a look at the best gifts for Apple’s latest smartphone.

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1. Incipio Feather Cases Incipio is known for its solid history in offering light but strong cases for the iPhone. It’s no different for the iPhone 5, with a millimeter-thin, durable polymer case, which is ideal for those who want protection from loose change and keys. The opaque charcoal grey case, in particular, retains the sleek design Apple implemented. Price: $4 – $35

2. Flipwallet Case Do you ever get frustrated by having both your iPhone and wallet in your pockets? Wish you could combine the two? Cygnett’s Flipwallet case is an ideal remedy. Protecting your smartphone against smudges, scratches, dirt and bumps, it also provides wallet features such as a money and credit card holder. Easy to attach, soft plastic and felt deliver an extra layer of protection over the iPhone 5’s screen when it’s not in use, and you can still effortlessly access your phone as it easily folds back. Price: $40

3. Belkin Car Charger With the iPhone 5, Apple implemented a Lightning connector, making all old cables obsolete. The company has been slow in shipping adapters, so users are finding themselves without convenient ways to recharge on the go. The Belkin 2.1A Car Charger for the iPhone 5 allows you to simply plug in a Lightning cable, plug the adapter into your car, and then enjoy a fully charged iPhone while on a road trip or commuting. It also allows users to charge their iPad Mini or fourth-generation iPad. Price: $32

4. Gizmon Clip-on Lenses While the iPhone 5’s eight-megapixel camera is capable of satisfying the average user’s thirst for high-quality images, this useful camera accessory boasts features such as a cross-screen filter, center focus filter, fisheye lens and a polarizing lens. It’s hard to duplicate these features in software, making this a handy accessory for mobile photographers. Price: $25

5. Stylus Pen Smartphones that have a bigger screens give more room to use a stylus, which certainly applies to the iPhone 5 due to its increased screen length. The SGP kuel H12 Stylus Pen is a multi function stylus that is phone-friendly, and it’s ideal for playing games, digitally drawing a picture or taking notes. Price: $20

6. Elite Command-AR An augmented reality game designed for the iPhone, the Elite Command-AR peripheral offers a free app alongside a gun-like device. Just take aim, pull the trigger and kill yourself some augmented reality enemies. Users can also utilize secondary pistol buttons to reload, raise their shield and select special weapons. You can practice your skills on the shooting range, take on missions or engage in a two player co-op mode. Price: $23

7. Agloves Original There are a few options on the market for gloves designed to work with touchscreen technology. Agloves Original is one such product and is a suitable remedy during cold winters when you want to keep your hands warm and use your iPhone 5 outdoors. These look just like a regular pair of gloves, but they allow you to smoothly operate the iPhone 5’s screen, which normal gloves won’t. Price: $20

8. Pro-Fit Armband Made from a lightweight material that protects users from sweat, the Pro-Fit Armband is designed for iPhone 5 owners who want to stay focused and motivated during their workout sessions without worrying about where to put their phone. An adjustable strap allows you to have the armband fitted to your own arm size, while a clasp closure offers an easy on and off method. Price: $40

9. Cygnett UrbanShield Case This sleek case offering from Australian case-maker Cygnett is available in a choice of brushed aluminium or carbon fiber. The slim case will protect your iPhone 5 against scratches and allows easy access to all of the device’s functions. Price: $30

10. Logitech Speaker Logitech has represented quality for years and it’s no different with this rechargeable speaker dock, compatible with both the iPhone and the iPod. The speaker allows users to play music for up to eight hours straight, with balanced sound being delivered from eight custom-tuned speaker drivers. The product is also suitable for travel, since it includes a travel case that holds the speaker, A/C adapter and remote control. Price: $80

11. Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel If you find yourself commuting regularly while using your phone for looking at maps and making calls, an adjustable holder will prove very useful. Along with tilt swivel functionality, this product will hold your iPhone 5 securely while allowing it to be easily inserted and removed. It’s particularly ideal for those who require solid GPS reception. Price: $40

12. Pebble Charger Pebble’s pocket-sized charging device offers a capacity of 5,000mAH, which is the equivalent of just under 350% of an iPhone’s battery capacity. The Pebble itself can charge your iPhone 5 for up to 1,200 hours (50 days) of standby time, and it includes by an auto shut-off power saving mode and LED indicators to notify users how much charge they have remaining. Price: $60

13. Duo Lens With a wide angle lens that is 0.67 times wider than a standard lens, the Duo Lens is an attachment that contains two core components: a macro fisheye lens for detailed close up pics and a quick clip system that allows the lens to slide onto most camera phones, including the iPhone 5. The product also includes a lens cover and cloth. It’s made from precision-milled aircraft-grade metal as well as optical glass. Price: $30

14. EarPods The original iPhone earbuds were a hit for several years, with Apple’s redesigned earphones dubbed ‘EarPods’ for the iPhone 5 proving themselves to be a worthy successor. Optimized to fit into a variety of ear types better than before, the audio quality is commendable, and you also get a remote to adjust volume and control music and video playback, as well as a microphone for hands-free calls. Price: $30

15. Mophie PowerStation The Mophie Powerstation delivers around three to four full charges on your iPhone 5 before running out of juice. When you’re located somewhere with no power, it’s an extremely useful solution. While there’s a fairly steep price tag, it should be noted that the Mophie is compatible with the majority of smartphones and other USB devices, in addition to the iPhone 5. Price: $100

By Zak Islam

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