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Social media marketing is ludicrously complicated [infographic]

By Polly Becker.

How complicated exactly is social media marketing? If you look beyond Facebook, Twitter and Google+ the sea of social media sites, tools and platforms makes for a dizzying sight as this infographic highlights.

Not only that but it has become seriously more busy in the the last year alone. You get a really good idea of that from this “Social media map of the world” we published back in 2010.

Let’s skip over the fact that the people behind this appear to have missed off Pinterest.

This very handily breaks down the world of social media into all of its constituent parts from social ad platforms, social search, social commerce platforms and social intelligence. Love the box “social networks – other” (click to enlarge).

The world of search is no less confusing as this second image also from Luma Partners illustrates:

By Polly Becker

Sourced from The Wall

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