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Top 5 Tips for Twitter Marketing

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There are a lot of people that talk about marketing success utilizing Twitter, and the people that are really finding that success are utilizing techniques that have been proven to work on a consistent basis. Below you will find the top five tips for Twitter marketing, and if used properly – they will allow you to greatly improve your effectiveness when it comes to your Twitter marketing efforts.

1. Find Your Target Audience

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’ll be important for you not to waste any of your tweets. In fact, it’ll be important for you to use the Twitter social mention and search tools on a consistent basis to find out exactly what your audience is talking about and what they are looking for.

2. Tweet On a Consistent Basis

There are a vast number of businesses that fail to tweet on a consistent basis. As a business owner and marketer, it’ll be important to create exposure, visibility, and popularity on a consistent basis. In order to do so it’ll be important to interact daily with your community. There are a variety of different tools available that will allow you to do this, and it can be easily managed using only about five or 10 minutes of your time each day.

3. URL Shortening Will Make All the Difference

It will be important for you as a marketer not to lose your message in the URL. Use URL shortening as much as you can so you can get more of your message across. There are a number of tools available that will allow you to shorten long URLs so you can increase your message characters while decreasing the size of your link.

4. Tweet Value – Not Garbage

Many of the people that talk about not having success on Twitter will be those that consistently Tweet inconsistent messages, messages sent to the wrong audience, and messages that have no meaning. If you’re looking for success, it’ll be important to find your audience, get involved, be consistent, and Tweet value that your audience can benefit from.

5. Discover Who the Influencers Are

It’ll be important for a marketer to associate themselves with the influencers in their industry. This not only gives you credibility as a user, but it will also put you in the mainstream of what is happening on Twitter. There are tools that can be used which will allow you to find out who these influencers are in your industry, and once you do, follow them. Engage them every once in a while to strike up conversation. You will not only increase your knowledge and credibility, but you will also be seen as more of an authority to your followers as well.

When it comes to marketing success on Twitter, the tips provided above will help you a great deal in achieving the success you’ve been hoping for. Utilize them well, and you will discover a different side of Twitter that will not only help your marketing efforts, but it will increase your credibility, visibility, and popularity as well.

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