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Advertisers welcome Media Street

Advertisers’ President, Fiona Curtin

AS the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said so knowledgeably more than 2,000 years ago: “The only thing permanent is change”. And if he were alive today, he’d either be marvelling at the pace of change especially in the world of communications, or he’d pragmatically say “I told you so!”

Technology and information trends have turned the whole world of communication, not just commercial communication, upside down and inside out and outside in too! The pace of change in the last 50 or 60 years has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s hard to believe that RTE television, and the advertising opportunities it brought with it, only came into being 60 years ago. And likewise, the dramatic changes brought about by the Internet, other digital communications and the mobile phone, are set to continue this process of change. That’s not to say that they will replace existing forms of communication but they expand the range of communication channels.

It is against this background that Media Street is emerging as a new communication tool for the industry and for advertisers. It is emerging from a previous form of life when its service was widely known as the MAPS Directory. MAPS was a highly informative guide and directory featuring all those in Ireland who provided services to the broad advertising industry. It contained a wealth of practical information and we in the Association of Advertisers in Ireland were delighted to be associated with it and endorse it. But, like any annual publication, it captured information at a point in time, and it didn’t have a mechanism for updating throughout the year to reflect the inevitable constant changes taking place inIrish advertising. Our emphasis in the world we live in today is to look for real-time information that is current and constantly updated. And so MAPS became history!

But its vital concept hasn’t gone away. It has been modernised and updated and is being reincarnated through MEDIA STREET, a new online directory which will contain the same core information but hugely enhanced. The new online service will be updated on an ongoing basis by companies themselves which will mean that users of the new service should be getting up-to-the-minute meaningful information which will help them make better choices about their advertising plans. As an advertiser, I am delighted to see this new development and on behalf of our Association to positively welcome it and encourage advertisers to use it.

Fiona Curtin


Association of Advertisers in Ireland

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